Saturday, April 16, 2011

In Runs In the Family

I have a friend who was married recently. I've enjoyed listening to her progress as a married lady. She shared a story with me the other day that I KNEW I had to blog. (I have her permission ;)

She has always struggled in the kitchen. She practiced for months before her marriage some easy cooking things. You know, boiling water, scrambled eggs, toast...etc. She only started 2 grease fires and her 2 egg omelets usually turned into 9 egg omelets with no charge for the shell pieces. But her determination paid off and by the time she got married she was turning into a pretty good chef!

Last week she decided to make her groom a fruit smoothie for breakfast. She assembled her blender like a pro and started adding ingredients. A little of this, little of that, some ice and yogurt and she an awesome smoothie. When her hubby got home from work that night he looked a little peaked, and quite a bit thinner. At dinner he sat down rather gingerly, and before they started to eat he asked as gently as he could, "Hun, did you put a laxative in my smoothie? My friend couldn't believe he would think she was so cruel, but was curious as to why he would ask that. "NO! I didn't! WHY??" Her hubby then told her how he had to run to the bathroom all day, barely making it several times. My friend started to feel a little sinking feeling. Her mind flashed back to the morning ingredients...
Her husband saw the guilt creeping into her eyes and said "What did you DO?"
Very sheepishly my friend admitted, "Well, I didn't have regular yogurt for your smoothie so I used some of that Activia yogurt that I had in the fridge. I didn't know it would do that!!!!!"
Her poor husband wasn't quite following. Yogurt was now a laxative? My friend said, "you know, the kind on the commercial! It makes you GO"

The next morning as she prepared his breakfast her husband looked through EVERY ingredient going into the pot...