Saturday, September 8, 2012

The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

Dear Reader,
If you haven't read "Poopy week" then please read that first so that you will fully grasp this situation.

For those who have read the previous post you might have an inkling of what is about to come. Yes, I requested prayer today on FB for my dog's poop. I have been smashing poop for 6 days praying each time to see white at the end of the pile.

Sunday a week ago Seth took out his flipper and set it in the chair next to him. While he ate lunch my no-longer-angel dog stole his tooth! We finished lunch and Seth reached for his tooth. It wasn't there. He accused me of stealing it! I've only hidden it as a prank a FEW times. When I said it wasn't me one word erupted as a scream from his mouth. "KALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" We both ran to her bed and sure enough she was curled up cozy as you please gnawing on the roof part of his flipper. The tooth part was gone. Again.

Yes. I fell over laughing. Seth wasn't so amused. He had to preach that night!!! I laughed all through the service. I shouldn't have laughed. Even though Seth was
home this week he said since I thought it was so funny I earned the right to smash warm dog poo again.

For six days I have smashed pile after pile. That dog has a GREAT colon. No tooth. Today I flipped all the couches over, cleaned out closets, swept, mopped and cleaned every inch of this house looking for the tooth. I haven't found it yet. So, as you close your eyes tonight and say your bed time prayers think of me standing in the rain and cold with a flashlight, waiting for the dog to poop yet again. If we don't find the tooth I'll be squishing brown goo til Jesus comes or until we find $1000 in the dog poo to replace his tooth. And that is the tooth, the whole tooth and EVERYTHING BUT the tooth.