Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There's a banana in my bed!

My husband is a hard worker but when he crashes it takes an act of major Divine interference to get him up before he's ready. Usually Seth goes to bed around 11 and is up between 6 and 7:30. This morning he wanted to sleep in. I've described our sleeping arrangements at the moment so sleeping in isn't really easy with a Little Alarm Clock who is an early riser himself. (Don, incase you couldn't guess) At 6 this morning Donnie started talking. I ignored his babbling and prayed he would go back to sleep. No such luck. By 7 his talking was turning into very demanding wails. So, I got myself up and we started our normal morning routine - diaper change, tickle fight, change from jamma's to day clothes. By the time all that was done it was about 7:30. Don started tearing around our "living room"/bedroom. He was saying "um! um!" Um is his universal word for all things edible. I had some bananas that were to be our breakfast. I don't have a high chair in my new living space. It is packed somewhere in the gigantic wall of boxes that makes up my privacy wall. I gave Donnie his banana and let him loose. Don has some OCD tendencies. One of them is that he will never eat anything if it's in just one hand. He has to have equal amounts of food in each hand. Armed with half of a banana in each hand he began painting my couches and carpet with the smeary mess. No problem, it wipes up just fine. I went to my bathroom to try and freshen up for the day. When I came back out Donnie was snuggling so sweetly into my empty spot of the bed. It was very adorable. I forgot to check where the bananas went...

When I came back out into the living area Donnie attached himself to my side. We were being kind of loud and so Seth who was still pretending to sleep rolled over to get comfortable. All of a sudden he shot out of bed like he had been electrocuted! Donnie and I were both staring at him with our eyes huge and our mouths open. We'd never seen Dad move this fast in the morning!! Seth was grasping the side of his neck with the most bewildered look I've ever seen, and he exclaimed "There's a banana in my bed!" After the peels (nice pun!) of laughter subsided I mentally made a note...I learned a very easy way to get my man outta bed in the morning. =D And, Seth promptly went digging for that high chair...

Monday, March 29, 2010

It is a beautiful Monday here in Northern Michigan! The sun is shining and the temp is trying to reach 60. Time to break out the sun tan lotion!

I have put my little man down for a nap and my big man is running errands so now would be a good time to take a moment to explain the newest craziness of my life. We moved this last weekend. That in itself isn't so amazing. Everyone moves, BUT this is the 7th time I've moved in 2 and 1/2 years. That also is not such a big deal, lots of military families move that much, even though we're not military. (Unless you count marriage as a constant battle field HAHA) I digress...
So, we moved across town. We knew we were moving a month ago and we decided to fix up the place we were moving into. It needed new drywall, it needed closets (not one closet in the whole house!) and it needed a bath tub (only had a shower) and it needed a new kitchen. All that can get done in a month right? Nope, not for us. We gave our landlord notice we'd be out by the 26th and I started packing, Seth started remodeling. I won by getting done first, and I can assure you it was no photo finish. To understand what I'm about to say I should describe in full detail my new house.

It used to be an old church so the front part is just a very large, open room with windows all down the sides. Right next to where the "platform" used to be is a door that leads to the back of the house. Years ago the back was converted into an apartment. That is the part we're remodeling. (for now. We'll fix the front up later) The "apartment" is quite large. It has 3 bedrooms and a bath. I'll put pictures up soon. The problem is that every inch of the apartment is ripped up. We tore out all the old drywall and are putting in new. The kitchen is totally ripped out and so is the bathroom. All that is in there right now is studs and a lot of dust and dirt. We'd already given our notice to our landlords that we'd be out so what do we do? We move into the large, open room. Seth divided the large, open room in half. He took all our boxes and stacked them from floor to ceiling perpendicular to the walls so we have a privacy wall shielding us from the eyes of workers that are helping remodel the house. On the "house" side of the boxes we set up our bed, a couch, and Seth's desk. It's very cozy. Oh, I forgot, in the large, open room there are two small rooms off to the side. One is a bathroom (with no shower or tub, just the bare necessities.) And the other was used for a tiny office. I made it into Don's room. His crib and toys are all in there and he seems to enjoy his little kingdom. I'm sure you're wondering how we shower and eat. We don't. Just kidding. =D I drive to my in-laws every morning and shower then I prepare our dinner and bring it back to the house. For lunch we just have sandwiches. So, I'm camping INdoors! Hopefully in the next two days our shower will be installed so I can at least shower here. None of this is very hard except I miss cooking. I LOVE to cook. I'll probably cook for 2 weeks straight when I finally get a kitchen back.

In my life you never know what is next...keep "tuned" for more wacky stories. I always have some up my sleeve.
Sarah Beth

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010 - Rude cop!

Have you ever been pulled over by one of THOSE cops? The small-town, I'm so bored and you looked like a good target, kind of a cop? Those kind are bad but add FEMALE small-town, I'm so bored and you looked like a good target cop and you're in trouble. (And I can be hard of females because I am one. =D)

On our way home from church this morning my sweet husband decided to take the scenic route home. We live in a 1 light little town. There aren't a lot of ways to go home and why he picks the longest way I don't know. For heaven's sake I'm hungry and want to get home! So, we're driving the "scenic" way and he starts to go verrrrrrrry slow. He's pointing out houses and telling me the story behind them. I have heard it all before. I really don't care. I'm HUNGRY! He finally gets down to 2 miles an hour and I can SEE our house so I said "SETH! Please!!! Let's go home." I guess it didn't come out as sweetly as I wanted it to. *grin My hubby peels out, turns the corner and rushes into our drive. All of our nosey neighbors are poking their long noses out the door. Great, I wanna crawl under the seat. Me and my big mouth. I look into the rear view and there is a cop with the lights on behind us!! Now I want to laugh. He really did deserve this. Part of me REALLY wants him to get a ticket, but the other part of me knows that if he DOES get a ticket that's my vacation money. I went inside and left my husband to meet his doom. Before I got inside though I knew he was in trouble. SHE gets out of her car. She's swaggering like she is John Wayne. She's hiking her belt up...yep. He's in big dookie.
Cop: "What's going on here?"
Seth "Ma'am, I was in first gear, it just got stuck"
Cop: "I saw a cloud of dust from where I was sitting"
Seth: "You did, huh?"
Cop: "I'm gonna need your information now..."
She goes back to her car and checks up on my very bad husband.
Cop: "Sir, You know you've had 11 accidents?"
I'm thinking (NO! He didn't know that! Must've been his twin in the other 11 accidents. haha)
Seth was so nice..
"Ma'am, ten of those were car-deer accidents. One was where a woman hit me from behind."
Cop: "Well sir, I can cite you for reckless driving."
Seth: "How can you do that? I wasn't speeding, I didn't go out of my lane."
Cop: "Well, your proof of insurance is expired by 20 days. I'll cite you for that."
Seth: "I JUST moved 2 days ago. It's in the house somewhere in a box!"
Cop: "Oh! You just moved? That means your ID isn't valid. Has the wrong address on it!"
Seth: "No! I have TEN days...I JUST moved so you can't cite me for that either."
Cop: "I'm going to cite you for the insurance"
I went inside. I felt bad that he was in trouble, but a LITTLE part of me enjoyed it. *grin

He did get cited for the insurance but all he has to do is show the proof to the judge and he'll be okay. Another disaster averted! =D

This next week will be interesting I think. We moved (for the 7th time in 3 years) on Saturday. Where we moved we are remodeling. I will put up pictures and stories to go with them very soon.

Sarah Beth