Thursday, August 23, 2012

You're not....sassy

I've never been a twig. You know what I'm talking about. Those skinny girls that have more weight in their makeup than in their legs. I hate Christian love of course.

Two small boys have added many curves to my already poofy body and I have struggled to lose the unloved love handles. They are very loving though and stubbornly hang on.

The other day I went outside to get some sun. Not a cloud in the sky and I got all comfortable on the porch and suddenly the sky was pitch black and angry. I went back in grumbling to myself and then it hit me...when a fat girl goes out to soak up some rays what else is gonna happen??? I soaked them ALL up. :)

I have a saying on the phone when a family member calls. They will ask how I am and I say "I'm fat and sassy." My loving father-in-law called one day and I answered with my standard greeting. I heard the laugh in his voice as he said "you're not (LONG PAUSE) sassy!!" it's our joke now... :)

I have stretch marks that glow in the dark and a belly that tries to either hang to my knees or make a 4th chin, depends if I'm sitting or standing. Even with all my new beauty marks I've decided that you're supposed to be comfortable with your body so I'm making mine as roomy as possible.

Psalms 139:14A I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made

Sometimes a little more fearfully than wonderfully but either way, still God made and loved. :)

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